wifely duties

If you were at our wedding, you might remember our ketubah (marriage contract):

Do you see that bolded line near the top? It says, in English,
learn how to make chicken soup.

Okay, fine, it says my name in Hebrew. But it might as well say that somewhere, in some kind of guide to being a Jewish wife.

I just got a cookbook from the fabulous Mother's, a restaurant in Portland where we ate the best matzah ball soup and challah french toast for lunch. Their recipe for chicken soup seemed like a legit place to start.

But wait.

Did you know you have to hold a raw chicken to make chicken soup? A whole chicken? GROSS. The only experience I have ever had with one of those suckers was to know that you should grab as many as you can when you are a contestant on Supermarket Sweep.

Anyway, despite my disgust for meat in the same shape it was when it breathed, I forged on. And it was not pretty - the chicken, or my face.

Worth it? Yes. Mother's chef Lisa Schroder's chicken soup recipe here.