Yeah, I know - 2 blogs in a row with a wedding picture. You probably think I'm sitting at my computer in my wedding dress, staring blankly at my pictures while stuffing frozen wedding cake in my mouth. You might be right. Or you might not. I'll just let you imagine.

Regardless, I was inspired to post that picture by something I read yesterday in Glamour magazine's "What men are really thinking" feature.

Sidenote: I'm tempted to give up on Glamour. How many ways are there to say that whole grain bread is better than white bread? That runway styles can be adapted to real life? That your significant other doesn't care about cellulite and ps there is no cure but a tan can make it less obvious but omg not a real tan our MD says so. But I can't stop reading it. Pretty. Pictures. Must. Buy.

Anyway, men were asked what they were thinking as their future bride walked down the aisle and I'm pretty sure Lorin from Sacramento and I share a brain.

"Well, I'm Jewish and Kristen is Asian and Jewish, so it occurred to me that when we have kids, we should definitely have dumplings at their bar mitzvahs."

I mean, not that I thought that as I walked down the aisle. But you should HEAR some of the similar stuff that my brain comes up with, at the most inopportune moments. Maybe one day I'll share. But not until after my frozen wedding cake, thanks.