they write real good down here.

I'm often asked what exactly there is to do in Shreveport. Well, as tough as it was to narrow it down, my absolute favorite thing has got to be waking up in the morning with a cup of tea and counting the typos on the local news.

All joking aside, this has pretty much become a morning ritual. The very bottom line of the Today Show scrolls local headlines that I assume are typed by someone at the local news station -- someone who apparently has no spell check and no editor.

Like this city needed another reason for people not take it seriously... and by "people", I mean grammar nazis and anyone else who was trained to write for mass publication. MISSPELLING = IGNORANCE.

Okay, local scroll guy. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. You just moved to the area, maybe, and you've only heard the name of this neighborhood, Broadmoor. We can look past this.

Twice? On two different days? About two different "govenors"? This is no longer a typo, my friend, you just don't know how to spell governor.

Dear local scroll guy:

3 in one sentence?! That takes talent.

(I'm assuming "Car Morris" is supposed to be "Carl Morris" because the only Google search result for "'car morris' + Shreveport" was, imagine that, from this blurb on KTAL's facebook page:)

And yes, this is a real. live. television station.

So, friends, remember my most exciting morning ritual next time you ask what there is to do in Shreveport. And come visit. We'll have lots of fun!

P.S. No, Shreveport is not that terrible. Bad grammar/spelling -- especially when trying to appear professional -- is just my pet peeve. I have no clue how Y "How do you spell hungry" and I get along.