house tour, stop 1: the bathroom / nature observatory

Since, for some unknown reason, none of my family wants to come visit fabulous Shreveport (ahem, DAD, ahem) I feel like some house pictures are necessary. Oddly enough, I feel like I'll be able to supplement them all with an entertaining (to me) story like this one:

I used to hate the pink tile on our bathroom floor, until about 10 minutes ago, when I realized it was a thing. I mean, it has a name, Mamie Pink -- named after first lady Mamie Eisenhower. There's even a blog about it. Who knew, right? Our eyesore was suddenly a vintage treasure. I showed Y.

Y: let's take a picture of the bathroom and send it to the blog! Clean the bathroom!

Me: Psh... you just want me to clean the bathroom.

Y: NUH UH. I'm just saying, we probably should pick up the branch on the bathroom floor before we send a picture into a blog.

Me: Um... branch?

Y: Yeah. Duh. The branch on the bathroom floor.

Me: Why is there a branch on the bathroom floor?

Y: I dunno. It's been there for about a week.

Me: Soo... you've been noticing this branch for a week, and you didn't think to pick it up?

Y: ...

And, that concludes another episode of When Med School Eats Your Brain.

The rest of these bathroom pictures are for my sister, who can't believe any bathroom of mine would exist without trash and empty shampoo bottles everywhere. I've moved on, sister, apparently to branches.