music & memories vol. 3: the beatles

Today's song: anything by The Beatles.

I'd love to hear your Beatles memories. Write about it in your blog and link up
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I imagine I'm not unique in that my memories of The Beatles' music span most of my life.

As a 16 year old on a summer camp trip to Israel, "Here Comes the Sun" played on an acoustic guitar as we woke up after a night of camping under millions of stars in the middle of the desert. That song makes me smile about the unexplainable bonds that camp creates, even if you're a weird 16 year old with no friends and a severe fear of being stung by a scorpion.

But the reason I chose The Beatles as today's music is because today is our two year wedding anniversary, and our first dance song was The Beatles' "Something", as performed by The Panorama Jazz Band, a New Orleans jazz band.

So naturally the song "Something" brings back some pretty strong feelings, along the lines of it's so f@$king hot out here and holy crap, we're married and why is the fire alarm going off? (long story).

And the entire remaining Beatles catalog? Well, that's the soundtrack to our first big road trip from Louisiana to California-- a trip we loved, hence, the reason we chose a Beatles song as our first dance.

red rock canyon, december 2007

And the song "When I'm 64" brings back the frustrations of wedding planning:

Me, for approximately 1 year prior to wedding: Y, what do you think of this, this and this? And this? Oh, and this?

Y, for approximately 1 year prior to wedding: I. DON'T. CARE.

Y, the week before the wedding [very seriously]: D, I really think our first dance song shouldn't be "Something". I think it should be "When I'm 64", that one's more sentimental.

{a valid point, and a very sweet thought, but, really? I told the band our song three months ago so they could learn to play it and you have never had any sort of opinion about the wedding and... REALLY?}

{also I cringe to think of myself trying to dance to When I'm 64, but that's another story}

On that note, happy anniversary Y! I hope you let me poke fun at our relationship on my blog forever and ever, or at least until blogs don't exist and my means of self expression changes. Then can I poke fun at you on my hologram channel? You know I only do it because I love you, right?

Below, a snippet of the incredible Panorama Jazz Band's version of "Something". Speaking of cringing when I think of myself dancing...


Something in the way she knows,

And all I have to do is think of her.
Something in the things she shows me.
I don't want to leave her now.
You know I believe and how.

Mr. McGee

Since a year ago today we were on our honeymoon in Ireland, I feel like I should do a reminiscent post. I could go on and on about the views, the food, and the nonstop Michael Jackson tributes; but I would rather tell you about our "Frank and Beans".

Just like Pam and Jim made some friends on their honeymoon, so did we. Our friend was in the audience at a pub where the band put us on the spot for being on our honeymoon.

Okay... that's not quite true. We never actually met our friend. We also don't remember seeing him in person. But once we looked through our pictures, oh, he was there. And he was really, really, really happy to see us.

Luckily we were able to figure out his name named him: Smiley McGee. Smiley McGee is an often discussed subject in our house, and has even appeared in a birthday card. He also has a voice -- which, now that I think about it, sounds suspiciously like Ike's inner monologue - that we use to say his catch phrase. Which, appropriately if not creatively, is "I'M SMILEY MCGEE!"


Yeah, I know - 2 blogs in a row with a wedding picture. You probably think I'm sitting at my computer in my wedding dress, staring blankly at my pictures while stuffing frozen wedding cake in my mouth. You might be right. Or you might not. I'll just let you imagine.

Regardless, I was inspired to post that picture by something I read yesterday in Glamour magazine's "What men are really thinking" feature.

Sidenote: I'm tempted to give up on Glamour. How many ways are there to say that whole grain bread is better than white bread? That runway styles can be adapted to real life? That your significant other doesn't care about cellulite and ps there is no cure but a tan can make it less obvious but omg not a real tan our MD says so. But I can't stop reading it. Pretty. Pictures. Must. Buy.

Anyway, men were asked what they were thinking as their future bride walked down the aisle and I'm pretty sure Lorin from Sacramento and I share a brain.

"Well, I'm Jewish and Kristen is Asian and Jewish, so it occurred to me that when we have kids, we should definitely have dumplings at their bar mitzvahs."

I mean, not that I thought that as I walked down the aisle. But you should HEAR some of the similar stuff that my brain comes up with, at the most inopportune moments. Maybe one day I'll share. But not until after my frozen wedding cake, thanks.