pretty/funny: Japan

The night before the earthquake hit Japan, I started reading a book called Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It's about a childhood romance during WWII that gets torn apart when the little girl's family gets sent to an internment camp. So I've got all kind of Japanese sympathy floating around in my head. I know I haven't exactly kept up with my promise to recap pretty and funny things I see around the interwebs, but I thought a Japan version couldn't hurt -- I love seeing how everyone chips in any way they can, including artists.

The pretty:

Wieden + Kennedy is my favorite ad agency (you may have heard of their little client, Nike) and they put together this print. All proceeds go to the relief effort.

J Hill Design is donating all profits from her Tokyo print to Doctors Without Borders.

A poster by Paul Vickers. All proceeds to the Red Cross and Save the Children.

The funny:
Of course, there's not really anything funny about the situation (or The Situation - I'm watching the Donald Trump Roast right now and he's getting booed), but I laughed out loud several times at Jimmy Kimmel's account of vacationing in Bora Bora during the earthquake.


I have been called pretty funny before. Once, by Y. And followed by "-looking". But this post isn't about me, it's about some of the pretty/funny things I've come across lately:

the pretty:

This is old, but I keep coming across it. This is the only kind of camping I would ever be into. (flickr: somethingshidinginhere)

Moon photos shot by an astrophotographer. Where do I sign up to be an astrophotographer, can you think of a cooler job?

I had no desire to re-read any of these kids' classics until Penguin re-issued them with these new covers and started selling them at Anthropologie.

the funny:

I follow @english50cent, a comedian who translates all of 50 Cent's tweets into Queen's English. He recently translated the entire In da Club video. I think I finally get this song.

I woke up the other morning to the sound of Y crying. He was reading the latest Hyperbole and a Half.

The day is finally here, 30 Rock Fans... there is a full version of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.

Day 12: My top blogs

Today I checked the number of blogs I follow in Google Reader, and it was not pretty. 212. Do you know how much time that amounts to that I spend reading blogs each day? Unfortunately Scholarly Ike is out of the office today and can't do that calculation for us. But just know that it's a lot.

My favorite blogs are either funny, or they share pictures of pretty things, be it food, clothing, photography, or stationery. It's like having a huge stack of magazines in front of me at all times. Except that I still subscribe to 6 magazines. There's something about coming home to Cameron Diaz's face in my mailbox that I can't get enough of.

So I present you with prettyfunny.


Annie's Eats: If you have ever complimented one of my cupcakes, just know I get all of my recipes from Annie (we're on first name basis) and everything I bake looks like Ike baked it when you look at her creations.


Go Fug Yourself: The Fug Girls make me laugh out loud multiple times every day. They make fun of celebrity outfits in this smart, quick way that's like reading an episode of 30 Rock.

Hyperbole and a half: just read this. It has led to many an afternoon spent alone in my office, tears of silent laughter running down my face.

Pretty and Funny:

Kendi Everyday takes pictures of her outfits everyday. Yeah, you say, so does every other fashion blogger out there. Kendi is different. I will defend her like she's my own sister. Kendi, if you read this -- do you want be sisters?

I decided I should share the wealth and introduce my readers -- a lot of whom are new to blogs and only read this one because Y wanted an opinion on his bowtie -- to some of the pretty/funny things I come across on my internet travels. And not just today, this twelfth day of my 30-turned40plus-blog challenge. Every day! Or at least regularly. So stay tuned, you will see prettyfunny again.