this will be the year i become quadrilingual.

I'm a total sucker for a new year, a clean slate, empty planners, and endless possibilities. My new year's resolutions always include things like learning three languages and achieving world peace, just because for one fleeting moment, it almost seems possible. And I like that feeling.

Some of this year's goals:

1. Pull it together and STOP being a crazy dog lady.
2. Practice more doga.

As usual, the blogosphere is chock full of creative takes on the new year. Some of my favorite inspiration:

{make it sparkle}

{I'm a huge Kate Spade fan right now.}

My blog crush Kendi's resolution, that I may or may not be stealing: be fearless.

A positive spin on New Year's resolutions: non-goals.

Happy New Year! Anyone care to join me on my quest to learn three languages? What about my more realistic (yet, let's face it, BO-RING) goal of drinking more water?

WBThirty Day 19: A talent of mine (inspiration in unexpected places)

I like to think I'm a pretty good speller. I blame it on having more books than friends when I was growing up, so I can tell when words look funny. That being said, I cannot spell the word "sandwich" to save my life. I always spell it "sandwhich".

Speaking of sandwiches, I came across a new favorite quote that absolutely had to be illustrated. It appeals to my love of food and my multiple, self-diagnosed cases of ADD (food ADD, music ADD, life's work ADD, this blog post's ADD):

This quote is by a former Swedish porn star who is currently a celebrity real estate agent and a future reality TV star, by the way.

*Edited to add: Y has informed me that I inadvertently made a gay porn joke. I took it down. It wasn't on purpose, and now I feel like I'm my mom or something... missing an obvious gay porn joke is such a mom thing to do.