map cork board + mini polaroids + my lonely bar

Even though I'm not a huge drinker, I've always wanted to have a fun bar in my house. And... I think I might finally have one.  

However, 98% of the people I know are pregnant. It looks like I'll be drinking rose lemonade champagne cocktails and gazing at my ingenious map project all by myself. 

(By ingenious, I mean that I copied some DIY instructions, and then modified a second set of DIY instructions and then combined them for MAXIMUM ORIGINAL CRAFTINESS.)

By the way, this map represents the version of the United States where Maine seceded. Or got broken off in our move, same thing. Hawaii and Alaska aren't accounted for, either.

The map DIY, an old one from Design Sponge, can be found here. In Louisiana, we used it to track where Y got residency interviews. 

The polaroid template can be found here. (Technically, the instructions are for making polaroid magnets).

Obviously, the polaroid pictures are pictures of us in [roughly] the place they are pinned. 

 This one is my favorite. How could it not be?

Dear Dad,

In honor of Father's Day, I decided to take this opportunity to apologize for a few things:

First and foremost, I apologize that it took me 25 years to appreciate how nice it looks when the bed is made.

I apologize that I could never get into golf, however you'll be happy to know that I found a great use for the sport. I like to have a little background noise when I study, but it has to be something that is too boring to even have the slightest possibility of distracting me. So thank you, dad, for introducing me to the Golf Channel.

I did always think the ball washers were pretty cool, though.

I'm sorry that my dog hated your dog from the moment they laid noses on each other's butts.

My sincerest apologies for making fun of your fanny pack.

They are
everywhere these days!

I apologize for letting Ike rip up my old stuffed animals.

I'm sorry I'm not always in the mood for your signature dish. It is delicious, though!

Happy father's day! Does posting a picture of the card I gave you for your birthday count as a father's day card? If not... well, I apologize for that too.

whale + weapon

I just finished reading this book:

Apparently this makes me qualified to do what I've always dreamed of doing: creating a logo for Y's ebay username: Beluga Torpedo, selected by the random word generator. His vision: a combination beluga and torpedo. (Oh come on, can you come up with something better?)

I'm pretty much a professional now, so I'll henceforth refer to Mr. Beluga Torpedo as The Client. The Client was pleased with the final product, and because he is actually married to me {the extensively trained designer} he offered no payment. Instead, he had a decal made of the design and stuck it to his laptop for all to see -- the ultimate honor.

So the next time you're in the final stretch, mere moments away from winning your auction only to have it snatched from your very grasp at the last possible second, look around. Beluga Torpedo is always watching.

Y thinks Valentine's Day is stupid...

...and I'm beginning to see his point. I mean, how romantic is a holiday where gifts are purchased as an afterthought to getting gas?

"Because nothing says I love you like a giant stuffed banana..." - Y

Even so, I'm a fan of any excuse to celebrate. And when your dog has a heart on his back, well, you just have to make a Valentine's card. My cynical husband just doesn't get one.

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you're wondering, his markings aren't that perfect. I did photoshop him just a little. But there is no denying, that is most definitely a heart.

keep calm and knit on

As a general rule, I'm supposed to hate my mother in law, right? Up until yesterday I had a valid reason: she spends hour upon hour knitting up a storm, and hasn't knitted me anything since LAST DECADE.

2008... that's at least 20 years ago in scarf years.

Well, as of last night someone's going to have to help me think of a new reason for my obligatory hatred, because I left my in laws' with a new accessory .

A quick google search tells me it might be called a cowl scarf. Doesn't it look just like these from NY&Co?

I'll take one in every color, please! And until I get one... let the mother in law hating commence!