take that, justins bieber and timberlake

3 random things:

1. I added a links page (which almost got eaten by the Great Blogger Maintenance Issue of 2011) in case you need some new reads. Medical spouses -- what are some of your other favorite blogs, because I know I missed some! There's a link at the top of the blog (next to the "about" page, which you should also read)

2. I have a Facebook page! I started it mainly because some of my relatives (hi, sister!) thought I didn't update my blog unless Facebook said so, and I didn't want to clog up my actual FB newsfeed. Then, I decided to beg everyone I know to join it, because I thought it would be kind of sad if the page only had 12 fans. And look, it's already more popular than both Justin Bieber's page AND Justin Timberlake's page!

Oh... that's not what that means? What does it take to make you love me, America? Curly frosted tips?

3. This is my new favorite childhood photo:

Anyone have a good caption?

Have a good weekend, friends!

back to the boys

Y is getting a little frustrated that he and Ike haven't been featured on the blog recently. Or maybe he's frustrated that when he is featured, it's usually not very... loving, let's say.

Blog + nag = Blag

So, I thought I should take this time to talk about Y's positive traits. He's incredibly smart. Case in point:

Not only is he about halfway to becoming an MD, look at that outfit! He's doing SO well in my class on how to basically be Joseph Gordon Levitt in the movie 500 Days of Summer. And for that, I am so proud of him.

Good job, honey. Remember rule number one: You can never have too many sweater vests.

Anyway, in more important news, Ike is a beast.